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World Religions

Background info on Buddhism available here

Reasons I like Buddhism and why:
1. The ways in which Buddhists set out to live their lives --by accepting the Four Noble Truths, following the Eightfold Path and all the while avoiding the Five Hindrances-- a person can reach Nirvana

  1. Nirvana seems a lot like Heaven to me, and I believe in doing certain things and living your life in a certain way will ensure spiritual cleanliness
  2. The way in which people must first admit to themselves that suffering arises from attachment to desires and suffering only ceases when attachment to those desires cease
c. I think if more people became less materialistic, the world would be a better place and the population, as a whole, would benefit
2. The
Four Boundless States
a. They steer a person into becoming a better individual and friend
3. The
Five Hindrances
                  a. They seem to mirror some of the seven deadly sins laid for in the Christian Bible, 
                      and I agree that sensuous lust, aversion and ill will, and sloth and torpor will hinder
                      someone in their pursuit for spiritual cleanliness