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Just so you know, Shannon covers #'s 1-29, 31-35, 38-54

However, she's a "Maybe" or "Iffy" on #'s 30, 36, 37

33. Loves her family
34. Will show me the attention I need
35.  Won't be clingy
36.  Knows a foreign language
37.  Has good handwriting
38.  Knows the value of a buck (or pound, deutschmark, lire, peso, franc, Euro, or whatever)
39. Is interested in things I'm not
40. Expects a lot out of me
41. Will send ME flowers
42. Paints her nails
43. Looks good with her hair in a ponytail
44. Likes to sleep in
45. Will call
46. Likes to watch football with the guys
47. Will playfully tease me and give me shit about stuff
48. Is comfortable leading the whole way in bed
49. Can hold up her hair using only a pencil
50. Is sexy and smart at the same time
51. Have a spirit of confidence, but one that doesn't make the man in her life feel unnecessary
52. Eat a big meal and fearlessly order dessert
53. Can take naps next to me
54.  My dream girl doesn't give a damn about this list

  1. Intelligent
  2. Funny
  3. Attractive
  4. Outdoorsy
  5. Athletic
  6. Doesn't smoke
  7. Loves to dance
  8. Likes to cook
  9. Likes to watch movies
  10. Dresses well
  11. Strong-minded
  12. Strong-willed
  13. Has a great laugh
  14. Has a great smile
  15. Soft eyes
  16. Great kisser (soft and gentle)
  17. Loves to travel
  18. Likes to watch the stars
  19. Thinks I'm a nerd but loves me for it
  1. Has goals & aspirations
21.  Eventually wants kids
22.  Will let me photograph her
23.  Is spiritual
24.  Likes to workout
25.  Can talk to me for hours on the phone
26.  Likes to play in the rain
27.  Has a lot of self-confidence
  1. Isn't a big jewelry fanatic
29.  Gives good hugs
30.  Likes feet
31.  Gives good massages
32.  Doesn't drink a lot