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A listing of my favorite websites  -- Fun when you're damn bored

Eeggs  -- Hidden tidbits that were put in movies or TV shows on purpose

Freaky Dreams  -- Fairly accurate interpretations of dreams

Globe Trotting  --  This travel and language site translates more than 70 different languages ranging from Afrikaans to Zulu. Includes foreign language dictionaries, translation, currency exchange rates, and info on hotels worldwide

How To …  --  Treat a dog bite, catch a bird, treat a flatulent baby, perform the Heimlich Maneuver, help a hangover… This site is packed with loads of useful (and useless) tips on 'how to'

Mixin' Cocktails  --  Make like Tom Cruise with the help of Bacardi's... Tips and advice on bartending and mixing cocktails, but sadly not on landing babes

Office Pranks --  If you must waste the remnants of your fleeting life at a job you hate, you might as well make the best of it by endlessly torturing your workmates using every dirty prank in the book

Rick Steves  --  The most recognized travel guru in the world.  Go here if you are planning on going anywhere in Europe

Star Gazin' --  A vast gallery of images and videos taken by the Hubble Telescope are constantly updated, and many can be downloaded in high-res

University of Missouri-Columbia -- My alma mater, home of the Tigers, and one of the best damn schools in the Midwest

Useless Knowledge  --  The name says it all…  Wow your friends with your new-found Jeopardy-like intellect