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World Religions


Alright, I'm going to tackle once and for all the question of religion.  First, let me list my beliefs:

  1. There is only 1 God.
  2. Jesus is the son of God.
  3. However, Jesus is not the ONLY son of God.
  4. It is possible there are other sons, such as Mohammed, Buddha, etc.
  5. Therefore, no one religion (that believes in a single God) is the only valid religion.
  6. Dinosaurs are not a test of a person's faith.
  7. God has emotions just like all of us (happiness, joy, humor, rage, sympathy, likes, dislikes etc.)
  8. There are many civilizations in this universe, all created by God.
  9. God decides who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell.
  10. If He believes you need to work harder in this world, He may choose to reincarnate you.
  11. Not everybody in Heaven will be equal.
  12. In Heaven, there will not be this constant, "God is great, God is good, God is great, God is good…."
  13. God doesn't listen to all your thoughts b/c, come on, who really cares what you're having for dinner tonite.  However, if He wants to listen, He will.
  14. There is Destiny with some people, but do you really believe somebody is destined to be a homeless orphan that dies in a dumpster from the elements and lack of food?
  15. There is no battle raging between Good & Evil in this world.  What we know as Evil is really just screwed up people with screwed up childhoods.


More to come later…