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World Religions

For more background on Confucianism, click here

Reasons I like Confucianism and why:
1. The six values held by the Confucian religion (
Li, Hsiao, Yi, Xin, Jen, Chung)
Li involves rituals and etiquette that shape the virtues of the community through which the individual become a man, and I can see the positive aspects this value would add to a community
Hsiao emphasizes love for family and the love between parents and children, and I am a firm believer that love for the family you have now will be dwarfed by the love for the family you are going to have in the future à  this is especially true for me  at this stage in my life
Yi (righteousness), Xin (honesty and trustworthiness), and Jen (benevolence, humaneness towards others-- the highest Confucian virtue) are ones I can see adding to my set of beliefs and values, through which I can become a better individual
d. The last value,
Chung, is loyalty to the state and nation, of which I personally didn't have towards Missouri or the United States, but since the attacks in New York, I have begun to build up an affection for my country à  I can now see firsthand how Chung can create social harmony and economic well-being and steadiness in times of recession and hardship