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World Religions

For a Brief History and Summary of Shinto Beliefs, Practices, Forms, Texts, # of Adherents, & Internet references, Click Here

Reasons I like Shintoism and why: 
1. Shinto's values of sincerity, devotion, truth, and reality…or makoto
a. Those are qualities that any person should strive for, regardless of their religion
à If everyone would have makoto, the world would be a much friendlier place
2. Shinto's love of nature, from which comes the art of
a. It goes along with my personal love of the wilderness and outdoors
. Origami shows respect to nature and trees, and is truly a unique art
c. I don't like the fact that their love of nature goes as far as worshipping a tree just because there might be a deity living in it
3. The importance of family and the emphasis placed on preserving traditions through celebrations
a. I believe family is what makes you into a better person than you would be alone
à  I take a keen interest in my family and the traditions we uphold

Reasons I don't like Shintoism and why:
1.  The religion isn't based on a singular supreme being.
a. I believe in a God that rules over this world and from which all life originated
2. Society as a whole is more respected than the individual, and they believe that what benefits the group is better than what benefits the solitary man
a. I believe were are all entitled to certain rights, and just because a group of people benefits from infringing upon my rights doesn't make that group's needs higher than mine
3. There is an emphasis placed on extreme physical cleanliness… or
                  a. It goes beyond what I consider necessary for a healthy spirit, and I don't believe                                                               
                         that just rinsing with water will cleanse you of your bad deeds